Karen Grunberg
My style is simply natural. The best photographs are captured when you've forgotten that I'm there and you are enjoying interacting with your family. Expressions special to your baby and fleeting moments of genuine emotion are what I strive to capture. A smile, furrowing eyebrows, crunching of the nose, a quizzical look that is exploring everything. I specialize in extreme close-ups and interactions between parents and babies: the intimate moments that are not often shared in public.

I shoot exclusively digital and only with natural light. The shoots generally take place outdoors, but can be in your home as well, depending on the light. Early mornings or the hour before sunset are the best times to shoot. Sunlight at those times is soft enough for you not to squint. Overcast days are perfect for any time of day. If we shoot in your home, the time of day depends on the direction of your house.

Shoots usually last one to two hours depending on the mood and comfort of the baby. My priority is the comfort of your baby. I insist on working around nap and feeding schedules. Our sessions are relaxing and fun.

Sesisons book quickly so if you have a particular date in mind, book it as early as possible to make sure you can reserve it.
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