Karen Grunberg
What's the best time to photograph my baby?
For newborns, the best time is the first two weeks. For all babies, the best time to photograph is now. Each day in the life of a baby is special in its own way and produces beautiful photographs. Babies crossing a major developmental stage for the first time (just started crawling/walking) tend to want to explore and produce more action shots.

What location do you recommend?
Parks tend to be a popular location in Northern California. I recommend choosing a location where you and your child will be comfortable. If you and your child don't like to get messy, do not schedule for the beach. We can do parks, playgrounds, or your home. If you choose a location outside your home, I recommend taking your child there sometime before the shoot so she or he can explore the environment. This way the shoot isn't the first time and will make you and your child more comfortable.

How soon will I see my photographs and how long do I have to order?
Your gallery will be up within two weeks of the shoot. Initial order is due in ten days. Half of the order amount is due before the order is placed and the other half at the time of delivery. Photographs are delivered within two weeks of placement.
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